Updated: Dec 19, 2019

As I mentioned several months ago, McAdams Academy is moving out from under the ministry umbrella of Youth for Christ by the end of June 2018. It has been a blessing to have the support of my YFC boss and co-workers during this transition. Let me briefly explain the new ministry structure of McAdams Academy. The Center for Behavioral and Academic Research (CBAR) is a 501c3 that I started, soon after I graduated last year, for research purposes. Simply put, CBAR has taken the place of YFC; nothing changes ministry-wise with McAdams. We are still ministering to high-risk youths and just recently added a program that is ministering to children in the Kansas foster care system.

Even though I will no longer be at YFC to receive your financial donations, you can continue supporting the YFC ministries. If you would like to keep helping me financially, there are several ways you can do that: 1) go to our websites, ictcbar.com or mcadamsacademy.org, and donate online, 2) set up an automatic withdrawal payable to Center for Behavioral and Academic Research at Intrust Bank, 3) or make checks payable to McAdams Academy or CBAR and mail them to 2821 E. 24th St. N., Wichita, KS. 67219.

Please feel free to call or stop by if you have any questions. Your support over the years has been a tremendous source of encouragement.

Thank you,

Chuck Knowles

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