Who we are

The Center for Behavioral and Academic Research is a working research center providing an academic setting for youths with behavioral disorders.

Our Mission

Providing research and programming for underserved youths with behavioral and academic needs to promote their emotional, spiritual and social success and the wellbeing of the community in which they live.


Young people have so much to offer our communities; they are shaping our future.  As our schools struggle with how to deal with problem behavior in the classroom, student expulsions have become the most used disciplinary action across the nation.  Some studies suggest that insubordination is responsible for over ninety percent of school expulsions.  Studies also estimate that thirty percent of expelled students become involved the judicial system.

At the Center for Behavioral and Academic Research, we desire to find practical alternative teaching methods that can help students, parents, and teachers achieve more positive, life-changing outcomes for everyone involved.  Our educational programs seek to nurture our youth and help them develop the skills they need to be productive, self-sustaining citizens.

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