McAdams Academy Homeroom is a non-accredited private school in the state of Kansas working with middle and high school students during their expulsion from public or private schools.  While enrolled at McAdams, students continue earning high school credits and work on their behavioral issues to re-integrate into their respective school when their expulsion is over. 


Youths expelled from school increase their chance of becoming involved with the justice system by thirty percent.  The annual cost to incarcerate one youth in Kansas is $110,000; the annual cost to educate them is around $13,000.  Helping students stay in a school has a positive effect on youths, their families, and the communities in which they live. 


Statistics show that 98% percent of McAdams' students do not recidivate while attending the program and 86% of McAdams' students completing the program, do not recidivate during the following six months.