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A Different Perspective from our Director -

I spent 30 minutes today listening to a seventh grader; she is 12 years old. She was frustrated, fearful, confused, and hurt. She lives with her mother, her mother's boyfriend, and five or six other children in a two-bedroom house. She is frustrated and feeling “lost in the crowd” in her own home. One of these children, the boyfriend's 14-year-old son, has just recently become involved in a gang and heavy into smoking marijuana. He doesn't come home at night anymore and each night she listens to “live-in dad” talk about how his son is going to get shot and killed someday. They have had three drive-by shootings at their home in the past few weeks. She is fearful that next time the bullets will hit the window instead of lodging in the siding and that the younger children are going to get hurt. My young friend also said she just received a call from her birth father. The last time she talked to him, two years ago, he said he was going to stop by and see her; he never showed up. She is confused as to why he wants to be a part of her life now. As she was looking at Facebook pictures of her dad's other children, with another woman, opening birthday presents she was hurt because she never got birthday presents from her father. Can you imagine a 12-year-old trying to make sense of all of this by herself? What was your day like today? Are you frustrated about the circumstances in your life? Are you living in fear, confused about relationships and why someone continues to treat you wrong, time after time? When Saul persecuted King David, he was in fear of his life and lived in caves. David said, "It was good that I had to suffer in order to learn your laws" (Psalm 119:71). So, while our present suffering is teaching us how God wants us to live our lives, most of us can be grateful that we are not being shot at or living in caves. Please pray for the students at McAdams. Too many of them are living a life that most of us only read about in the newspaper.

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We received this e-mail from a former student’s father in February –

“Just a quick note of sincere thanks and gratitude for all that McAdams Academy has done for our son and many others. Our son stumbled and made some poor choices during his junior year which resulted in expulsion from his high school. We contacted McAdams Academy and were met with understanding, enthusiasm, acceptance and above all, willingness and desire to give him another chance. We cannot say enough about the staff and faculty at McAdams Academy. Truly an amazing place! Due to the opportunity provided by McAdams Academy our son completed the requirements for his junior year at McAdams, was accepted back into high school and is now due to graduate in May. He has also just been accepted to begin next year at Wichita State University. We are confident that these achievements were in large part due to the opportunity and efforts of McAdams Academy. Again, thank you to McAdams Academy and their amazing people for truly ‘giving kids hope and a second chance’.”

We received this note attached to a donation in March –

“My son will graduate East HS because of the semester you allowed him last Spring at McAdams. I appreciate your role in my son’s life.”

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A note from one of our Day School staff, Beni Santibáñez -

This month I had the opportunity to speak with a young man (an active gang leader). We talked about his second chance to begin a new life after being shot by a rival gang. During our conversation, he shared that his father was a member of the same gang and how his aunt was killed in a gang-related shooting. The young man had a lot of anger and revenge in his heart that was his motivation to recruit other members and make their gang “the biggest.” I talked to him about the lie of chasing after a street dream from my own personal experiences. As we talked about his God-given purpose and his second chance at life, he stated, “I feel like if I quit gang banging now everything I have been building will be for nothing.” I educated him on the sad reality of street life and the implosive nature of building a gang. As we talked about his God-given ability to be a leader, I shared the gospel with him. He knew in his heart that he was still alive for a reason and asked me if I thought he was misusing his gifting. I invited him to come to a discipleship group. He said he would ask his mother for permission to go to the meeting and ask some of his friends to go with him. He seemed excited to learn, from men who have walked the same path, about how he could leave his gang lifestyle. I sent him a friend request on Facebook, and we have made a connection! I look forward to how the Lord will move in this young man's life!

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Our programs help expelled youths, and children in the foster care system from falling behind academically and address behavioral problems that often ruin their ability to complete their education. Every day we have opportunities to make lifechanging interactions with our students.

You can help us invest in their lives in the following way:

- DONATE - Donate online by going to one of our websites, or Or

- Mail a check in the enclosed envelope payable to CBAR or McAdams Academy.

- VOLUNTEER – Tutoring, Mentoring, Cooking, Sewing, Games, whatever you enjoy doing we have a place for you!

- PRAY – We need your prayers in every aspect of this ministry; individual students, their families, staff, and material needs for the ministry. We are developing a prayer ministry for the school, please let us know if you would be interested in participating. Visit our website at: to learn about McAdams Academy's unique alternative educational programs.

Please give us a call (316) 239-6472 or come visit us and see where you can help!

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